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<strong>How</strong> to Compose a <strong>Hymn</strong> - Our Pastimes

How to Compose a Hymn - Our Pastimes A hymn is a type of song, usually religious, specifically written for the purpose of adoration or prayer, and typically addressed to a deity or deities, or to a prominent figure or personification. You can use a Bible passage or even another hymn as your source. Once you have practiced using this exercise you can try writing hymns.


S The word hymn derives from Greek (hymnos), which means "a song of praise". The singing or composition of hymns is called hymnody. 본문 바로가기. 포토뷰어

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<b>Hymn</b> Writing 101 - BYU Magazine

Hymn Writing 101 - BYU Magazine Hymns may or may not include instrumental accompaniment. Karen Lynn Davidson, a lifelong poet, helped create the current LDS hymnbook. With decades of experience herself, she shares writing tips with would-be.

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